Virtual Exhibitions Unique Selling Points

Global Reach

One of the great advantages of being a virtual fair exhibitor is that you can collect leads from just about anywhere. The cost barriers for leads or candidates
traveling to a live event are nearly inexistent – anyone with an Internet connec=on and a mobile phone or PC can aAend a virtual fair.

Visitor Engagement

Virtual events provide a rich experience for users, with lots of content op=ons and direct interac=on with guest speakers and exhibitors such as yourself through live chat and webinars.

Involve the Whole Company

At your virtual booth you can have a sales rep or a C-level Execu=ve chat with poten=al clients. This is an interes=ng op=on since geGng everyone at the company can be involved in the virtual event boosts the visibility of the ac=on internally.

Collect Leads from Potential Clients

Not only will you be able to generate a high volume of leads, you will also be able to keep them organized. Rank your leads automa=cally according to a match-maker survey taken by prospec=ve leads, or manually rank them based on live chat sessions.

Pre-screen Potential Clients

With a quick chat and a view of the profile, a sales rep can get a first opinion about a poten=al client. No hard copies of business cards. Everything is in electronic

Virtual Exhibitions Unique Selling Points 2

format, easy to export and re-import into any CRM . Interac=on is the key: chats, webcasts, online interviews using Skype… The point is to create a rich environment where both the visitors and the exhibitor feel comfortable.

Get Your Brand Message Out There

Upload content such as corporate presenta=ons, brochures and videos to your stand to get the message out. The virtual booth is easily shareable with a link, virtual events make a great plaSorm for boos=ng brand visibility online. It’s a good way to showcase corporate values such as Internet use, social networks, environmental policies…

In Line With Your Digital Strategy

Your company’s presence at a virtual expo is easy shareable on social media. It’s a modern product that will help project a corporate image of being up to date and tech savvy (like social networks some years ago). We’re in an early stage of Virtual Events adop=on and there is lots of poten=al.

Boost Your Company’s Social Presence

Are you using social media to find poten=al clients or nurture leads? Integrate your virtual fair stand into your social media strategy, whether it is for marke=ng or for sales. Take advantage of your online community to drive traffic to your stand. And don’t forget that the stand itself and the content you make available on it make for great sharing and pos=ng on social media.

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