Frequently asked questions about Virtual Exhibitions.

What’s the main advantage of the virtual event?

a. Collecting leads and getting contact information of potential clients that you can export and integrate within your CRM.

b. Get visitors to your booth and brand exposure

How many contacts will I get?

Depending on the online traffic. All the delegates are informed about the event and we expect to reach those that due to geographical questions will not be able to attend. Our universe of potential attendees is XXXXXXX and we hope to reach at least XX % of them.

How can I interact with the visitors?

Once the attendees are at your booth, they can download your pdfs, watch the videos, leave you messages and chat with you through the Instant Messaging tool. This may help you to qualify the lead.

Will I need to be connected and paying attention to the screen all the time?

Not at all. During the live days, you just need to have the event open and when a new visitor wants to speak with you, you’ll hear a sound alert.

FAQ from potential clients about Virtual Exhibitions 2

How much time does it take to populate the booth?

Estimated time is 30 minutes and another 60 for gathering the content. If you have any difficulty you may send us the documentation and we’ll do it for you, (this assumes you have paid the original set-up fee)

How do I have access to the leads I get?

Every exhibitor has access to an online content management tool through a user and password that we’ll send you. With this credentials, you can check in real time the contact information of those attendees who visit your booth. You can export them and import them into your CRM for a follow up.

What’s the difference with a physical booth?

The virtual booth is a give you more options than a physical booth or can be a complement to the physical one. It lets you collect more leads from all around the world and it’s in line with your digital strategies.

How many people is recommended to be at the booth?

You can have up to 10 reps at the booth from different locations. All of them have their own log in credentials and can be at the booth with their own name and picture. This is great for building trust and going deeper into the person to person conversations (even being online).

Are there any technical restrictions?

The virtual event doesn’t require any download and will run smoothly on big most of corporate computers. Our instant Messaging tool uses the standard internet ports so the only restriction would be a strong corporate firewall. If this is the case, we’re open to speak to your network administrator.

FAQ from potential clients about Virtual Exhibitions 3

Is the platform integrated automatically with my CRM?

There are many CRMs in the market so the platform is designed for letting you export the contact information so that you make an import afterwards.

Some common objections you may find:

1.  This is too expensive

  1. Price of a virtual event depends on the number of collected leads and the visits to the booths. The opportunity of gathering contact information from clients around the world is what makes the virtual event really valuable.
    1. I prefer the direct contact with the people

    Indeed, and a virtual event is a complement of the physical exhibition, not a substitution. But online contact through video conference or written chat is a good way of getting qualified leads and start a relationship with a potential client

    1. I don’t have time to populate the booth

    Expected workload is 90 minutes, and also we may do that work for you

    1. I don’t have resources to assign people to chat with the visitor

    Many exhibitors don’t have the chat feature activated during the virtual event and that’s not a problem. You’ll keep on receiving leads and contact information from potential clients at all times.

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