Virtual Exhibitions Unique Selling Points

Global Reach One of the great advantages of being a virtual fair exhibitor is that you can collect leads from just about anywhere. The cost barriers for leads or candidatestraveling to a live event are nearly inexistent – anyone with an Internet connec=on and a mobile phone or PC can aAend a virtual fair. Visitor […]

5 Ways – Perfect Your virtual network Strategy

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on Google+Share on Linkedin Virtual trade shows can be a boon for your small business in terms of networking and generating leads while allowing you to stay close to home. According to Market Research Media’s most recent Virtual Conference & Trade Show Market Forecast, the virtual event market is on […]

Frequently asked questions about Virtual Exhibitions.

What’s the main advantage of the virtual event? a. Collecting leads and getting contact information of potential clients that you can export and integrate within your CRM. b. Get visitors to your booth and brand exposure How many contacts will I get? Depending on the online traffic. All the delegates are informed about the event […]

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